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Buenviaje ImpEx Corporation


  • The core of our culture is a customer-obsessed mindset. Our goal is to make sure that clients receive the best quality and value from our products and services, and that they know how much we respect their company.

  • Buenviaje understands that the world moves quickly and that every industry is changing to meet the changing needs of consumers and businesses. We take pride in finding new and innovative ways to complete tasks.

  • We are proud of our core values, as well as the employees who uphold them. We are a group of empathic, inquisitive, and daring problem solvers. Every step we take to further the evolution of the industry is owed to and emphasized by our absolute passion for people and service.


Our goal is to grow sustainably and have a strong national market presence for all of our service offerings.


We aim to democratize international trade for companies that require open, diverse, and cutting-edge logistical solutions.


Buenviaje ImPex Corporation

Was established in 2022. It is a company with fewer than five incorporators that handles stock importation and exportation. It is located at Retail 8, Mezzanine Floor, Millenia Tower Condo, Saint Jose Maria Escriva Drive, Brgy. San Antonio, Pasig City.

The Buenviaje Impex Corporation imports and exports wholesale and retail commodities such as PPEs, accessories, and elevator equipment. Its objectives include acquiring and establishing necessary tools, materials, and supplies for specialized projects such as civil engineering, electrical, mechanical, and electro-mechanical work, fire detection and alarm systems, IP CCTV surveillance solutions, etc


Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your goods are shipped safely and efficiently, and we strive to provide excellent customer service throughout the process.

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Retail 8, Mezzanine Floor, Millenia Tower Condo, Saint Jose Maria Escriva Drive, Brgy. San Antonio, Pasig City

(02) 8372 7235

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